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Great pizza starts with the perfect handmade base.

When it comes to great pizza, everything starts with the perfect handmade base. It’s the platform for good mozzarella and fresh toppings to shine. As with all things the Italian way, we need the best ingredients for the purpose. The right type of flour sets the stage. Add crystal clear filtered water to mix with yeast. These three simple, high-quality ingredients form the dough that gets worked by hand. After being proofed for 24 hours it is ready. The ball of dough is kneaded and pulled into shape and coated with freshly-made sauce, ready to be topped. Then quickly into the hot stone oven for a few minutes.

Fresh spaghetti made with the “Chitarra” and sauteed fish ragu.

The Spaghetti alla Chitarra on our specials menu is handmade with a stringed instrument it is named after. The guitar-like ‘Chitarra’ produces unusual, square-edge spaghetti by pushing hand-worked dough through its strings. Originating from the Abruzzo region two centuries ago, the recipe travelled to the seafood-rich Southern regions, including Sicily. Our Chitarra's ragu is made with fresh grouper, anchovies, herbs and extra virgin olive oil, according to Sicilian tradition. The light, fresh fish ragu is sauteed, then tossed in the pan with the Chitarra spaghetti to finish.

Fresh seafood and scamorza dumplings made by hand.

Ravioli are dumplings typical to Northern Italy and date back to the twelfth century. Fillings and sauces vary greatly according to region and seasons. Our handmade ravioli uses the best locally-sourced ingredients. The filling is made from perennial leafy vegetables such as spinach and seafood from local waters. Prawns from Kuala Selangor are shredded and combined with scamorza. Wrapped in fresh squid-ink pasta sheets, the filling is hand-formed into dumplings before being poached. And finished in the pan with fresh cherry tomato and prawn bisque.

Relive your summer in the Amalfi with a seafood misto lunch.

This is what we plate up when we’re thinking of summer in the Amalfi. Our misto di pesce is put together from great local seafood available throughout the year – sardines, trevally, red mullet, prawn and squid. Gently seasoned and lightly battered, the seafood goes onto the grill or into the fryer just long enough to bring out their natural sweetness. Then a light sprinkle of a citrus-herb dressing to add a bit of acidity and freshness.

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